Icare Tonometer

The Icare tonometer is the new technology being used now at Eye Associates to measure intraocular eye pressure.  The Icare tonometer does not require an anesthetic eye drop for the testing and there is no abrupt air puff used to get a reading.   The doctors of Eye Associates are happy that there is now a better alternative and is so much more comfortable for our patients to experience in our office.icare

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact Lens

Over the many years that the Doctors of Eye Associates have been fitting patients in contacts, there have been countless technological improvements for patient comfort, ocular health, and clarity.  Each time there has been advancement in contact lenses, we have embraced the change into our fitting protocol.   Now Eye Associates’ doctors have so much to offer their patients now that DAILY disposable contacts have been improved.   There are higher oxygenated lenses and also surface comfort treatments in addition to better optics for better clarity.   Increased availability for unusual prescriptions has also improved our ability to fit our patients successfully.