Pros and Cons of Ordering Contact Lenses on-line

At Eye Associates, we try to price our materials to be competitive with equivalent supplies of contact lenses. We encourage our contacts2patients to purchase their lenses from us once the contact lens fitting process has been completed and a final contact lens prescription has been written by our doctor.

Of course, we would prefer that you do all your business with us BUT there are additional benefits for you as our patient by purchasing your lenses from us;

  • When you tear or lose a lens during the year, Eye Associates will order single lenses, so that you always have complete pairs of contact lenses to use.
  • If your prescription changes during the year and you have unopened boxes of lenses, Eye Associates makes it very easy for you to exchange your unopened contact lenses to credit them towards your new prescription without any fuss.
  • If you need “vacation ” daily disposables for snorkeling or scuba diving or just swimming in water when it would be wise to dispose of your lenses each day, Eye Associates will provide you with what you need for that specific purpose.
  • Should you have any concern about your eyes during the year, our doctors will have all the current, correct information in your chart to know the exact lenses you are actually wearing so that we can solve your problem quickly before anything develops into a serious eye health issue.
  • When you order your lenses from Eye Associates, we will insure that the contacts are accurate to your visual specifications, prescribed by the doctor.   We will not substitute or switch what your doctor has prescribed just to make a sale.   You will get the best price possible for the exact contact lenses that were prescribed and intended for your specific eyes.
  • We will mail them wherever you ask us to mail them if it is not convenient to pick them up at our office.

In fact, there’s very little benefit to ordering your contact lenses elsewhere. We are here to make sure your eyes stay healthy for years to come and make it as convenient and reasonable as possible. Thank you for trusting us as your Eyecare professionals.