Pros and Cons of Ordering Contact Lenses on-line

At Eye Associates, we try to price our materials to be competitive with equivalent supplies of contact lenses. We encourage our contacts2patients to purchase their lenses from us once the contact lens fitting process has been completed and a final contact lens prescription has been written by our doctor.

Of course, we would prefer that you do all your business with us BUT there are additional benefits for you as our patient by purchasing your lenses from us;

  • When you tear or lose a lens during the year, Eye Associates will order single lenses, so that you always have complete pairs of contact lenses to use.
  • If your prescription changes during the year and you have unopened boxes of lenses, Eye Associates makes it very easy for you to exchange your unopened contact lenses to credit them towards your new prescription without any fuss.
  • If you need “vacation ” daily disposables for snorkeling or scuba diving or just swimming in water when it would be wise to dispose of your lenses each day, Eye Associates will provide you with what you need for that specific purpose.
  • Should you have any concern about your eyes during the year, our doctors will have all the current, correct information in your chart to know the exact lenses you are actually wearing so that we can solve your problem quickly before anything develops into a serious eye health issue.
  • When you order your lenses from Eye Associates, we will insure that the contacts are accurate to your visual specifications, prescribed by the doctor.   We will not substitute or switch what your doctor has prescribed just to make a sale.   You will get the best price possible for the exact contact lenses that were prescribed and intended for your specific eyes.
  • We will mail them wherever you ask us to mail them if it is not convenient to pick them up at our office.

In fact, there’s very little benefit to ordering your contact lenses elsewhere. We are here to make sure your eyes stay healthy for years to come and make it as convenient and reasonable as possible. Thank you for trusting us as your Eyecare professionals.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

If you have been told that you have keratoconus or corneal thinning from previous refractive surgery procedures and you are unable to see clearly with your eyeglasses or conventional soft contact lenses, then you should consider being fit with the new HYBRID contact lens. Synergeyes is one of the companies on the forefront of this advancement in the contact lens field.
The unique optics of the central rigid gas permeable portion of this hybrid lens is designed to give you the best visual clarity possible and the peripheral soft contact lens portion of this hybrid lens is designed to give you the most comfortable wearing time possible accounting for the challenges of your cornea.
Please plan on several visits with our doctors who will patiently explain the Hybrid product and fitting process to you.

Multifocal Contact Lenses

The doctors of Eye Associates are now fitting several different types of new Multifocal soft lenses. If in the past you had tried unsuccessfully to adapt to multifocal or bifocal soft lenses, it is time once again to give it another try. The advancements in the multifocal field include better optics and comfort as well as the option of Daily Disposable high oxygen lenses. The doctors at Eye Associates would like you to experience the comfort and clarity with the new designs currently available from Alcon/Ciba, Bausch and Lomb, and Cooper Vision. We are excited about the new advancements and will be happy to consult with you.

Should you buy eyeglasses on-line?

Caution with Internet Purchasing of your Eyeglass Prescription:   eyeglasses

There are many measurements involved with the proper ordering and fitting of your eyeglass prescription. Proper function and fit of your prescription eyewear depends on correct optical measurements in the horizontal, the vertical, the rotational, the tilt, the distance from your eyes to the back of the spectacle lenses as well as your eyes’ explicit prescription.

Be very cautious about ordering your eyeglasses on line. You most likely will not end up with the desired result of comfortable vision and a properly fitted frame.

A skilled optician is necessary to take all your measurements in person, then place your order with the optical laboratory, and finally verify that the order was made correctly to all of your specifications. Without this proper fitting of your prescription, you most likely will not receive what you need for your eyes to see clearly and comfortably.   Please do not rely on the “predictive technology” and “proprietary algorithms” that are advertised on the internet as sufficient methods to calculate your eyeglass prescription’s VERY PRECISE requirements and specifications!

A professional is always better to consult with when it comes to something as precious as your vision.

Retinal Photography


We offer our patients access to one of the most informative diagnostic tools, the retinal photo.The detailed view of your retinal blood vessels it provides, helps us to rule out pathological changes due to high blood pressure; athero-sclerosis due to cholesterol plaque formation; sight-threatening diabetic changes; and other general health conditions. The photo also provides a magnified image of your optic nerves and maculae, which facilitates the diagnosis of glaucoma and macular degeneration in their early, most treatable stages. Small tears in the retina (which can usually be easily sealed with a laser) can also be detected before they progress to more extensive retinal detachments requiring surgery.    A baseline photo is recommended for all patients.


Icare Tonometer

The Icare tonometer is the new technology being used now at Eye Associates to measure intraocular eye pressure.  The Icare tonometer does not require an anesthetic eye drop for the testing and there is no abrupt air puff used to get a reading.   The doctors of Eye Associates are happy that there is now a better alternative and is so much more comfortable for our patients to experience in our office.icare

Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

Contact Lens

Over the many years that the Doctors of Eye Associates have been fitting patients in contacts, there have been countless technological improvements for patient comfort, ocular health, and clarity.  Each time there has been advancement in contact lenses, we have embraced the change into our fitting protocol.   Now Eye Associates’ doctors have so much to offer their patients now that DAILY disposable contacts have been improved.   There are higher oxygenated lenses and also surface comfort treatments in addition to better optics for better clarity.   Increased availability for unusual prescriptions has also improved our ability to fit our patients successfully.